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over the counter z pack Gosh! It seems ages since I worked with Leanne but today she was over at the studio for a portfolio update, mainly for some lingerie images but we spent a while shooting some high key and low key fashion and beauty portraits. I think some of the images from this series were my favourites from […] View full post »

source site Nikki dropped by the studio today for a portfolio shoot and we covered a variety of styles from fashion to lingerie. At around 6′ tall in bare feet, the figure of a supermodel, olive skin and a European look, it was quite an easy job for me to get a few reasonable images :¬) To […] View full post »

ritonavir and lopinavir After threatening to do it for ages, I’ve finally organised a group portrait night for photographers wanting to come to the studio to have a go at shooting with a model using the studio lights. The shoot will be on Wednesday 19th May and will have space for 5 photographers. Anyone shooting Nikon will have […]

lopinavir ritonavir store View full post » Britney came over for a portfolio shoot today looking to do a mix of headshots, fashion and lingerie.  We covered a variety of styles and sets to come up with a good selection of images. If you’d like a portfolio shoot, just give me a call on 01924 229800 to book a session or have […] View full post »

lopinavir sigma It’s getting kinda cosmopolitan in the studio of late what with Maddy from Latvia last week and Maja from Poland last night! Maja had seen my work on a modelling website and contacted me for a portfolio shoot quite a few weeks ago now, but last night we managed to hook up for the shoot and […]

lopinavir ritonavir buy uk View full post »

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